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By Christopher Heimarck

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Friends And The Present

Accepting The Present

On the one hand, I accept help. Do I need the help QQ. Ultimately, no. For right now QQ. Yes.

Sept. 1st, 2020

Nineteen Times

Rrepeated Hospitalizations

I am not ashamed of being labeled a manic depressive.

Nor am I ashamed of the number of times I have been hospitalized.

Nineteen times.

It’s all part of Life’s Rich Pageant, in the words of REM.

IIt’s all a Learning Experience.

The Deep, Deep Questions —

Who Am I QQ

What °°° IS °°° Human Nature QQ

How Can I Help ” The Situation ” or ” The Lives Of Other People ” In The Deepest Possible Way QQ

How Can I Survive QQ

Fri. Sept. 4 2020

I saw my psychiatrist today and I have to say I like her. She tries hard to be pleasant and polite and professional.

What I don’t like are the so called ” side effects ” of the psychiatric drug, the neuroleptic.

It is torture. But I can take it. It’s necessary for the time being.

I have difficulty sleeping, but when I take the psychiatric drugs, I know I will eventually sleep.

I take pills in order to sleep. Some say this is not a legitimate reason to take psychiatric drugs. I think it is. It is necessary for right now.

I feel good right now. I don’t feel good right at the moment of torturous side effects. But as I said, I can take it.

It is good to be done with talking to the psychiatrist for now. She’s cool. But I am far more successful in reality and in potential than she gives me credit for. I AM A SUCCESS, AND I DON’T CARE WHO KNOWS IT !!!!!!!!

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